Hiking, cycling or just having an outdoor holiday with some adventure, culture or exploring of the beautiful earth we live in.  We all have our reasons to be on the route to Mecca.  This site connects the last S Trail to Mecca. The Sultans Trail is the first Trail that has been hiked and cycled from Vienna to Istanbul. The hiking guides and cycling guides are being developed as we speak. The second S is for Sufi Trail the mystical path from Istanbul to Konya. The Sufism theme brings many extraordinary highlights on the ordinary path towards Mecca. After Konya, the road carry’s on to Mecca with Surre Yolu you can read more and follow us while we develop this route. Or even better join and share your stories.

The first S – The Sultans Trail

The Sultans Trail is a long-distance footpath from Vienna to Istanbul. It is 2,200 kilometres (1,400 mi) long. The path passes through AustriaSlovakiaHungaryCroatiaSerbiaRomaniaBulgariaEast Macedonia and Thrace in northern Greece, and Turkey.

Sultans Trail [sic] (recte Sultan’s) takes its name from Sultan Süleyman Kanuni, Suleiman the Magnificent, of the Ottoman Empire who led Ottoman armies to conquer Belgrade and most of Hungary before his invasion was checked at the Siege of Vienna. The main path follows the route of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent on his way to Vienna. He started on 10 May 1529 from Istanbul and arrived 23 September 1529 in Vienna (141 days). It was to be the Ottoman Empire’s most ambitious expedition to the west, but the Austrian garrison inflicted upon Suleiman his first defeat. A second attempt to conquer Vienna failed in 1532. In 1566, at the age of 60, the sultan led his army for the last time; he died close to Szigetvár in Hungary.

In contrast to its past, the Sultan’s Trail nowadays forms a path of peace, a meeting place for people of all faiths and cultures. The trail starts at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the centre of Vienna; the bells of this church are made from the melted iron of Ottoman cannons. It ends at the tomb of the Sultan in Istanbul. The Sultans Trail is developed by volunteers from the Netherlands-based NGO Sultans Trail – A European Cultural Route.

Apart from the Romanian and Bulgarian mountains, the trail can be walked all year round. Most parts of the route have ample accommodation such as hotels, pensions or private rooms. In parts of Hungary and Bulgaria a tent is necessary.

Surre Yolu

The three S Trails leading to Mecca. Sultans Trail, Sufi Trail and Surre Yolu. We’re trail developers and making this dream come true takes many adventures people and together we make the path. In our guidebooks, we offer great hiking maps and detailed information of where the lovely little hiking paths are. The old route to Mecca …

The Second S – Sufi Trail

The Sufi Trail is a long-distance hiking trail from Istanbul to Konya. The length is 801 km and it would take an average person 40 days to complete the Sufi Trail.

It runs through amazing nature and idyllic old villages with monumental mosques, hidden treasures and even an underwater city in İznik, where Christianity began, and an underground town in Han.

The mystical atmosphere is very present in the hidden old trails where caravans used to pass by also the many tombs you visit on this route are full of ancient secrets you can only sense when you are there.

Together with the help of many ever so kind people, councils, and of course OpenStreetMap we established a respectable hiking trail of 801 km through amazing Turkey. We used the old Hajj trail and included tombs to visit and many surprises you should just experience yourself.

There will be a detailed guide in Turkish ready autumn 2018 and we are busy developing an English version that we will publish in April 2018.

In the meantime, there are many people working on fine-tuning the details in OpenStreetMap and updating the GPS track, website and media.

You can view all the pictures we made along the way and the videos of events we organized to get the Trail marked with GR-codes and stickers we have developed to mark the Sufi Trail.

The Sufi Trail project always welcomes people who want to join or volunteer. You can contact us through this page or drop an email to sufitrail@gmail.com.


“Movement is life; stillness is death.”
— Hazrat Inayat Khan (The Sayings of Hazrat Inayat Khan)


The Third S – Surre Yolu


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